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Personal Projects:

1. Finish BT/Ryou Pic (traditional)
2. Finish Alok's updated ref sheet
3. Work on redesigning Rorshak
4. Work on Paige's sketch trade.





Water Color Wolf <3
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello all! Black Tail here, though you can call me BT, Blacky, or Bitsy! I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist, trying to do God's will! I enjoy drawing a lot, mostly animals :)

If you'd like to be friends, drop me a comment or a note!

Page Rules

1. Please be kind, no flaming, everyone is welcome to their own opinions if they aren't rude about it!

2. Please keep your language in check. I will not tolerate dirty mouths.

3. I dislike one word comments, if your going to comment, SAY SOMETHING. Fave and running is ok :)!

Personal Quote: "Boredum, the artists best friend"
Though some sketch trades would be fun! I may color my half if I like it enough x3

I'm going to open 5 slots for sketch trades :)  Good practice and I wanna draw xD

1. FourFires Kanya + Kinjay - done, need to scan
2. Pagerda Stiks and Stowns- brain storming

In other life news, I'm totally becoming a manager at the McD's I'm working at which is good.  A raise, free food, and a neat little manager code so I don't have to call a manager every time I need something haha. 

Also! ART COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Please note me if interested! :D

All regular commissions are open! See the journal here  Commission InformationCOMMISSIONS: OPEN/closed
(information current as of 9/2/2014)
Only accepting PayPal. My e-mail in
Commission Infograph:
By commissioning me you agree to the following terms of service:
1. Payment is expected before art is presented. 
2. Refunds are only given if I am unable to finish a commission. 
3. When sending commissioning information, please message me through notes (DeviantArt), private message (Facebook), or my personal e-mail. 
4. Please include the most up to date reference sheet available. 
5. When paying for your commission, please include the username you contacted me under and the piece commissioned in the PayPal comments. 
6. Do NOT commission me and then back out. This is a waste of time and I will not accept a commiss
 and the infor graph here Commission Prices by BlackTailwolf.

I still have my fall/halloween recolors that I'm dropping the price to $2.00 per recolor! Please see here Halloween recolor by BlackTailwolf
Also have $5.00 head shot commissions that will look better than this one XD Oracle- 5$ Character headshot commissions! by BlackTailwolf

weremagnus  I actually just came across this artist again after a long time :)  Love their style! 
Psydrache by weremagnusDawkins Model sheet by weremagnusEngine-ears (and horns) by weremagnus
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Keeps Calling by BlackTailwolf
Keeps Calling
I read the very last chapter of Wolf's Rain Manga the other day....and SPOOOOILLLLEERRRR

All the wolves live unlike the anime xD  I played around with an ending to the Wolf's Rain 2 story some friends and I tried to make a long time ago xD
Stiks and Stowns Trade by BlackTailwolf
Stiks and Stowns Trade
Trade with :iconpagerda: :)  They were a lot of fun to draw, but sadly I stink at human/humanoid anatomy xD Stowns is hungry xD

Characters belong to :iconpagerda:
Kari and Rorshak doodles by BlackTailwolf
Kari and Rorshak doodles
Just some doodles of my babies <3

Both are fan dragons.  Kariudo is in the top image, and in the bottom right of the lower image.  He is called a Clamper Claw.  Rorshak is the 4 eyed dragon, which I've decided to call Craig Jumpers.
Hollow Beat by BlackTailwolf
Hollow Beat
This dragon was originally inspired by watching a lady bug trying to fold it's wings under it's shell. While trying to figure out colors, I googled "colorful bugs" and stole colors from beetle pics xD

What do y'll think? Too bright? Too Flashy? Feedback appreciated!
Who Stole the Cookie? by BlackTailwolf
Who Stole the Cookie?
Art trade with :iconhunter-stirling: :D I really like how the background and lineart came out x333 Cat's crack me up when their pupils dilate when they're hunting xD

Characters (c) owners
Art is mine

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